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Simons StainBusters Isle of Man Carpet Cleaning is the leading carpet and upholstery cleaning company serving the whole of the Isle of Man. We specialize in cleaning all types of carpets with the use of most cutting-edge equipment and environment friendly cleaning solutions. What makes Simons StainBusters carpet cleaning Isle of Man service stand head and shoulders above other services is that we use ultra-advanced natural biodegradable cleaning technology to clean all the Carpets & Upholstery. This makes us one of the few Isle of Man carpet cleaners that not just care about the environment but at the same time want to deliver only the best services to their customers offering an incredible 30 minute drying time.

If you are unfamiliar with the natural, organic technology used in the detergent free carpet cleaning that Simons StainBusters Isle of Man carpet cleaning services offer , and you are wondering why Simons StainBusters Isle of Man carpet cleaning technology can deliver you the best results, here is a quick overview to understand this technology in somewhat more detail.


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When people think of professional carpet cleaning Isle of Man, they usually think of strong chemicals, water, mess, wet carpets and a lot of confusion. Well the good news is that we don’t use any harmful chemicals or too much water to clean your carpets. We use a perfectly natural plant based and very effective cleaning system to effectively clean your carpets and upholstery. We can say this confidently that you won’t believe your eyes when you see the most astonishing results right after our cleaning procedures. If you come to think of it, elimination of detergents and over wetting from the carpet cleaning Isle of Man process has a number of advantages. I can come to your office or home at your preferred time, clean your carpets without creating a mess, and then you will have your office or home back to normal with carpets dry in just 30 Minutes !

What makes Simons StainBusters Isle of Man carpet cleaning services so much better than other carpet cleaners?

As an owner operator I look after your needs from start to finish. After over 15 years I have found and developed systems, procedures and cleaning solutions that are super effective at fully eliminating dust mites, dust mite allergens, cat allergens, and even mould spores apart from dust and dirt. The types of results StainBusters Isle of Man carpet cleaning can attain for you with our exceptionally efficient carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning Isle of Man services, can’t be even imagined by any ordinary carpet cleaner Isle of Man.

Since Simons StainBusters Isle of Man carpet cleaning system gives the very best results, the downtime on cleaning Carpets or Upholstery is minimal. Carpets dry and ready to use in just 30 mins and Upholstery just 2 hours.

Living Room Carpets

I really appreciated the work Simons StainBusters Isle of Man carried out in cleaning the stains on my prized carpet. My living room now looks like its meant too again and I am really pleased


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