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Green Cleaning

How will you green clean my carpets and upholstery ?

Firstly we will vacuum your carpets using a powerful vacuum cleaner with a high grade filter. It is surprising how much dirt, dust and other allergy causing contaminants can be removed from a carpet in this way. Cheap ‘splash and dash’ carpet cleaners almost always omit this vital first step.

Secondly your carpet or sofa will be pre-sprayed using either a food grade phosphate or an eco friendly colloidal solution.There will be no obnoxious chemical smells, optical brighteners, perfumes, hydrocarbon solvents or other chemical nasties.

Thirdly the carpet or upholstery will be agitated using different methods depending on the type of furnishing and personal preference.This step loosens dirt, grease, oil and other stains.

Fourthly the carpet will be deep extracted using very high quality carpet cleaning equipment and you will find that all of us have invested heavily in the latest equipment. This step is sometimes called deep steam cleaning.

Finally the carpet will be groomed and allowed to dry, giving you carpets and sofas which look good, smell fresh and feel soft to touch. Carpet Cleaning at it’s very best and green too!