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Should You Be Protecting Your Home or Business During The Recent Outbreak?

“Germs and viruses can be very sneaky and really spread rapidly, especially during outbreaks of high infection such as the coronavirus”

We are an Isle of Man based cleaning company and we are infection control specialists working to hospital grade standards. You may have seen the “ULV Bio-Fogging” service on Sky news and BBC news where every rooms is sprayed/fogged with anti microbial mist using a disinfectant which is proven to kill many viruses and infections.

Normal cleaning in house will help to an extent but they all need to be disinfected and sanitised to help contain germs and viruses. We cover the whole of the island for our specialist cleaning, decontamination and sanitisation service.



We use a specialist NHS approved product with a log kill of 6 which is the highest log kill

We use a specialist NHS approved product with a log kill of 6 which is the highest log kill (99.9999% effective against fungi, bacteria and viruses) We are able to disperse a fine mist (a method known as fogging) with correctly diluted chemicals in the air at 5-10 microns in size which work quickly to kill bacteria, fungi and viruses.

The product continues to work after it has been applied. We are proud to have fully trained, competent staff who are able to offer specialist infection control cleaning and disenfecting services to prevent the risk of infection at any business premises large or small. The service can be done relatively quickly and most premises we do are completed in a matter of hours and ready to use a few hours after. We use specialist hospital standard equipment and can quickly decontaminate working environments including offices, universities, surgeries, clinics, care homes, shops and more.



I don’t think we need to explain the importance of keeping schools safe for the students and teaching staff young and old. Children are a prime magnet for germs and viruses.

Some diseases and viruses including coronavirus, norovirus, the common cold and flu bugs are unfortunately still transmissible for many more days and can live on all sorts of surfaces such as walls, doors, desks, taps, educational equipment etc. Cross contamination can be very widespread in many school environments.

Children are a prime magnet for germs and viruses.


Can We Sanitize Your House Too?

Yes! That is no problem. We can clean your home to the same hospital grade standards to give you peace of mind

We totally understand the importance of keeping your home disinfected and sanitised to protect you and your family at this very worrying time. We have a small team of staff who are fully trained to hospital grade standard. We will make sure every area in your house has been covered and we will treat each property like it was our own.

All of our staff are fully trained and wear full PPE including protective suits, nitrile gloves, respirators and eye masks. Please contact us for a no obligation quote and feel free to ask any questions and we will be glad to help you.